Jerry Jones Reveals If He Thinks Cowboys Are True Contenders

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The 2022 campaign for the Dallas Cowboys has been great so far.

They have won seven of 10 games to open the season and are currently in second place in the NFC East.

They are in a great spot to make the playoffs and that has some pundits wondering if they are good enough to make a run.

Team owner Jerry Jones is confident of his team's ability

And thinks the Cowboys are Super Bowl contenders.

"Yeah, I think if we use the experience we've had in the season, we're going to be ready for the playoffs.

But I sure think I think what I see here right now is the kind of team you can get to a Super Bowl with," Jones said.

A confident owner is always good, but the Cowboys need to show they can win when they need to.

This is a team that hasn't been to the Super Bowl,

Forget the NFC Championship Game from 1995.

They will have a chance to achieve both after making it to the playoffs in the next few weeks.