Julian Edelman Admits He Nearly Left Patriots After 1 Signing

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Julian Edelman was a patriot during his time in the NFL and playing all 11 seasons in New England.

With that being said, the former wide receiver star recently revealed that he almost moved on to a different team.

He missed his breaking point before the 2013 season.

His idea was sparked by Bill Belichick's decision to sign Danny Amendola to a five-year contract after letting Wes Welker walk in free agency.

Edelman wanted "the keys to the Cadillac".

"I was hurt," Edelman said, according to NESN. "I did everything coach (Bill Belichick) said, gave four years of my life,

And then (the Patriots sign Amendola). I won't lie, I got angry.

I was like, 'Dude, you coming over to take my Cadillac keys?

Dog, what's up? I'm here on the minimum deal. This guy is getting 34 million dollars?'

Edelman said he toured with the Giants and nearly signed with the New York organization.

Edelman said, "Looking back, I had nothing." "I (had) done nothing in the league.

But as a kid, as a young man, experiencing it firsthand, I was like,' (expletive) Belichick.

(obnoxious) Patriot. I hate everyone here.

How are you going to do this to me?' I went to the New York Giants and they offered me a contract.