Look: Ja Morant's Trolling Backfires En Route To Loss

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Ja Morant will need to be a little more careful the next time he tries to troll someone.

Morant, who is a star with the Memphis Grizzlies, decided to troll Sacramento Kings shooting guard Malik Monk with the game on the line.

Monk was up one point on the free throw line with the Kings when Morant came up to him and said "don't miss."

Monk made sure that didn't happen and hit both free throws to cut the lead to three.

Morant had a chance to tie the game on the other end of the floor and missed his first free throw.

Sometimes, it's best to keep quiet and Morant probably learned that lesson after this game was over.

The Grizzlies fell to 10–8 overall with the loss, even though Morant led the team in scoring with 34 points.

They will be back in action on Friday against the New Orleans Pelicans.