Look: Mike Evans Reveals His Top 5 NFL Wide Receivers

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It's always nice to hear who some of the top players in the game consider best at their position.

and during a recent appearance on "The Vaughn Cast"

Bucs wide receiver Mike Evans reveals who he believes are the top five wideouts in the NFL.

I hate doing top-fives because it's so hard... I'll top-five current now.

I won't include myself: Davante Adams, [Stefan] Diggs, [Justin Jefferson], Tyreek Hill and Ja'Marr Chase.

Fans reacted to Evans' list on Twitter.

One user responded, "It's a shame Cooper Kupp isn't there."

Another said, "Honestly put it in whatever order you want, but this list is pretty accurate."

"[Justin Jefferson] is going to be No. 1 on everybody's billboards after this year."

"'Not including myself.'"

A Rams fan asked, "What else does Kupp have to do?"

"None of them have the Triple Crown, so it shouldn't be a debate."

"Any top 5 WR list just looks wrong without a Cooper Coupe."

Who's cracking your top-five?